How to make a visionboard

A vision board strengthens your focus!

‘Take the future into being’

I love making collages. Every year I start by making a vision board. I find very powerful to do. Why; with a vision board you visualize your (un)conscious wishes and desires. It gives you focus and helps you to clarify and manifest your goals! Visualization is the best way to make a wish a reality. And it feels like magic!

There are two ways to do this

We make a collage of cut-out photos, pictures, text and everything you want on it that gives you a nice feeling, as you are used to at Marenthe. This collage has as an extra ingredient an (un)conscious message of a desire or intention.

• When making a vision board, you can focus on the process by collecting images in flow that appeal to you and give you a good feeling.

• Or you can consciously focus on the end goal by setting an intention beforehand and focusing on a plan or goal that you want to manifest. Above all, visualize goals and dreams that are realistic and achievable. Be very specific!! Of course they may be outside your comfort zone, because if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. With a conscious intention you give direction to your future! Think about what you think is important and choose an appropriate sentence or word.

Both form a tangible and a visual representation of the image you have of the future. This way of visualization is one of the best ways to turn a wish into reality. And heed these words: it really works!

How does it work?

Give your vision board in a prominent place in your home so that you can look at it every day. You get up with it and go to bed with it. You can also turn it into a screensaver for your phone. Every time you look at it, it ensures that you keep a clear view of your desires, dreams and wishes. You will be reminded of it throughout the day. Just like a song you hear in the morning that stays in your head all day. That’s how this works. You hypnotize your mind, as it were. Unconsciously, your mind is looking for a reality that fits those pictures. There is a good chance that this will help you achieve your chosen goal.

Our thoughts and emotions have a scientifically proven measurable energetic charge. Visualization is one of the ways to use the law of attraction and make your wish come true.

This creative assignment takes about 1 to 2 hours of your time, but can have major consequences for your future!

Things you need

• Magazines and books that appeal to you. Tip: See an image in a book or magazine that you don’t want to cut out; then copy it or take a photo and print it out.

• A sheet of cardboard: A4 – A3 – A2. All’s good. If you choose a large sheet, you can also tear out large images. But it is certainly nice to choose a postcard size for once, then you keep it compact.

• Scissors and glue.


1. Plan a moment for yourself,make it comfortable and atmospheric and take your time. After all, this is the first step in realizing your dream.

2. Do a meditationor yoga midra relaxation of about 10 minutes to get fully into the moment.

3. Focus on your desires and wishes. Possibly set your intention and write it down so that you keep the focus. What image do you have for the future, think big and be specific. What are your dreams, what makes you happy.

4. Now take the magazines and collect imagesthat appeal to you or that depict a desire. You can tear or cut. Take 20/30 minutes for this. Choose photos, text headlines or quotes, shapes, colors and illustrations. Do this by feel. Scroll through slowly. Make sure you don’t wander off during your search and read the article or magazine, but stay in the flow and do it purely intuitively, based on words and images that give you a good feeling.

5. Sort the clippings. Make three piles. Stack 1: Select the images that appeal to you the most. Only choose clippings that you really want. Stack 2: With the images that appeal to you the most afterwards. Stack 3: These are the clippings and texts that appeal to you the least or that you have doubts about. You can use this later as a filler.

6. Make it into a collage. Start with stack 1. If necessary, cut out the images a bit neater or leave them ragged and place them on your sheet or cardboard. Do this instinctively, you can always adjust the selection later. Complete your paper with stack 2 and see if the image is complete. Fill in the gaps with the clippings that are left over (pile 3) and that reinforce the color or shape. Are you satisfied with the result? Then tape it.

7. Hang your visionboard on a prominent placein your house, for example in your study, hall or bedroom. Make sure you look at it every day, just by taking a few minutes to looking at it. Set the image as a screensaver on your phone. This way you keep a clear view on your goal. The results will appear, you’ll be surprised at the end of the year.

Good luck!

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare